Terms & Conditions – Lessons


  • Students/clients must attend all scheduled lessons/sessions, arrive on time, and bring all assigned materials, including music, music books, picks, capos, etc.
  • Students/clients are required to practice for the amount of time determined between the student/parent and their instructor.
  • Normal lessons/sessions are payable monthly. Payment is due in full on the first lesson day of every month.
  • After the 10th of the month, a $10.00 late fee will be applied on late/unpaid accounts. A statement will be made available by the last lesson/session of the prior month with all fees due.
  • Checks, cash, all major credit cards, are accepted. Automatic payments may be arranged as well.
  • Students may not elect to miss or deduct payment for missed lessons at any time. In the event of illness, private lessons will either be made up or refunded at the both party’s discretion. In case of illness, please send an immediate email to: Inquiries@SoundHealthMusic.com the evening before or the morning of the absence.
  • In the event of a “no-show”, the lesson time is charged the full rate and cannot be made up.
  • Private students who go on vacations are allowed to prorate the monthly payment. Advance notice is required. Please send an email to Inquiries@SoundHealthMusic.com.
  • In the event the instructor must cancel any lesson (private, group or class), the lesson will either be made up or deducted from the lesson fee at the instructor’s discretion.
  • If a student must withdraw from scheduled lessons, a one month notice via email is necessary. Withdrawn lessons may not be picked up at a later date without prior approval from Sound Health Music.


  • Automatic payments cover all weekly lessons and sessions, regardless of whether there are 4 or 5 weeks in the month.
  • Automatic payments include 2 weeks vacation during the last two weeks of December. You are guaranteed a minimum of 4 extra lessons per year due to 5-week months. Therefore, we want to guarantee 2 weeks vacation for our staff without disruption in pay.
  • Same terms of regular payments apply regarding no-shows, illness, make-ups.


  • You may receive $10 off your next month’s bill for each NEW student that you refer.
  • The $10 accumulates for each new student you refer, and there is no limit. For example, If you bring in 5 new students, then you get $50 off your next bill.
  • The $10 is double-sided, meaning that both the referrer AND referral get $10 off one month’s bill.
  • The discount is only good for the following month’s bill for each referral.
  • You may bring a sibling as a student and receive 10% off both student’s invoices continuously.