Rotary and Music Therapy

Music Therapy at Rotary

Today Kat provided a presentation at the Rotary Club of San Marcos, and she received this certificate. It says:

“A donation has been made to the Rotary International Polio Plus Campaign to vaccinate 30 children against the polio virus as part of Rotary’s global effort to eradicate the world of Polio.”

Here’s Kat’s summary of the presentation:
Before being presented with the certificate, I explained what music therapy is, how it helps people, and what I do on a regular basis. Then we drummed our hearts out. Everybody had a fantastic time, and I was really honored to be there.

My father is a Rotarian, and every time he brags about his kids and grandkids on Facebook, I insist that he gives us all “Happy Dollars,” one of my most favorite Rotarian traditions. Every time you brag, you have to donate a dollar. I loved hearing everyone’s happy dollars today in San Marcos!

Thank you Rotary Club of San Marcos for this wonderful opportunity to drum and have some afternoon fun!

Rotary and Music Therapy

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