Music Therapy

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A recent surge in the past 25 years of music therapy research in the medical setting has caught the attention of hospital administrators and healthcare professionals across the country.  Medical music therapy is cost effective, has no side effects, normalizes the environment, can work in conjunction with physical, occupational, and speech therapy goals, and results in positive physiological and behavioral changes.

The research shows that medical music therapy is effective in reducing pain, alleviating anxiety, reducing nausea in chemotherapy or hemodialysis, increasing motor abilities and joint motility, strengthening capacity in respiration ability, improving short or long-term memory, reducing depression/isolation, and enhancing feelings of well-being.

For children, the research shows that medical music therapy increases pacification in the newborn nursery, decreases respiratory distress, increases enjoyment of physiotherapy, normalizes the environment, works towards achieving developmental milestones, eliminates the need for sedation during non-invasive procedures, induces relaxation or sleep, and facilitates parent/infant bonding.

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